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After the necessary prep work is complete, paving can begin. Asphalt is best installed when it is at its hottest temperature. We equip our paving team with the proper equipment and enough skilled personnel to successfully install the asphalt as quickly as possible.

Asphalt Sealing

Seal coating helps lock out harmful sunlight, chemicals and surface water that causes asphalt to prematurely age and deteriorate. Sealing is recommended between six months to a year after your new asphalt has been installed.


Extruded concrete curbing is the most popular and most economical. However, curb and gutter systems are the most expensive and are normally required on large municipal projects.
“I have known of Caldwell Paving for many years and have observed various projects which they have done. They have always been very dedicated in what they do and provided good quality work and competitive pricing. Jonathan Cantrell is a well respected, honest, hard-working citizen and has some of the industries best working with him at Caldwell Paving.” Robert W. Wright

Owner, Wright Brothers Construction Co., Inc.

“At Dooley Tractor Company we know the value of integrity, experience, and hard work. Caldwell Paving understands this as well. Large job or small, I highly recommend Caldwell Paving for all your paving needs. They’ve been our choice for years.” Eddie Bohanon

President, Dooley Tractor Company

“Caldwell Paving has consistently upgraded our restaurant parking lots in a timely and quality controlled manner. What is really great is that they were able to do the paving work at night and keep our restaurants open during the day.” Dale Scoggins

President & Owner, J & S Restaurants

“I have used Caldwell Paving several times and have always been satisfied. They have made sure that I have been completely happy with each job and have gladly made any changes I requested. I would definitely use them again.” Paul G. Wilson

Chairman and CEO, Citzens National Bank

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